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Holy Hum at The York Theatre (April 21, 2018)


Presented by Soft Cedar: Unconventional Concerts at The Cultch.

» Violin, voice


Red Couch Sessions with Blocktreat (2016)

Live session of Blocktreat's track, "Scout".

» Improvised violin

Sugar's Waste (October 6-7, 2016)

Rebecca Bruton, MFA graduating project

SFU School for the Contemporary Arts

Program note:

"Sugar's Waste is an experimental, theatrical music production by MFA candidate Rebecca Bruton. The work was written concurrently with a series of poetic texts under the same name. Both deal with physical and psychological acts of partition. The music follows a timeline of circular growth and decay; sensuous contemplation amidst stunning, troubled territory."

» Voice, violin

Performing in "Sugar's Waste" (centre background singer). Photo by Andi Icaza.

Object Dialogues (September 12-13, 2016)

Ben Wylie, MFA graduating project

SFU School for the Contemporary Arts

Program note:

"Object Dialogues is a meditation on light, sound, and space for 13 performers. This work consists of a series of composed actions and events that explore the musicality of non-musical actions, the perception of space, the visualization/sonification of natural cycles such as heart beats or breathing, the objectification of instruments, and the instrumentalization of objects."

» Violin

Performing in "Object Dialogues". Photo by David Cowling.

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